NLERAP is the “National Latino/a Education Research Agenda Project”, an organization of experienced education researchers with an emphasis on Latino/a education. The project is a collaborative effort with people from several universities across the United States. NLERAP conducted focus groups nationwide to determine the issues Latino/a families face and the implications for education.

NLERAP has identified three major levels of research that would provide a framework for research in particular areas of interest within the field; these are:

  1. Institutional Research
  2. Instructional Research
  3. Interpersonal Research

NLERAP areas of research include:

  1. Assessment and accountability
  2. Teacher education and professional development
  3. Arts in education
  4. Sociocultural, political, economic and historical context of Latino/a education

NLERAP proposes that the three elements of the research framework provide for the different levels of analysis. Below are some examples of research areas coupled with aspects of the research framework.

  • At the institutional level, “high stakes testing and accountability practices” could be one theme for research in area 1, assessment and accountability. Exploring a range of “successful, innovative and culturally responsive pedagogy, learning environments, and assessment processes” would be a theme of research appropriate to instructional approaches at the level of instructional research.
  • Getting to know “educator, parent, and community values, attitudes, and beliefs and their impact on education attainment and student learning,” is a theme for exploration at the interpersonal level that would involve the sociocultural, political, economic and historical context of Latino/a education research area.

For a more thorough discussion of NLERAP’s vision, access NLERAP’s recent publication “Education Research & Framework Agenda” at or by contacting Victoria Nuñez (vnuñ or Pedro Pedraza ( Spanish translation is contained in the same booklet.

2 Responses to “About NLERAP”

  1. 1 Pedro Portes January 17, 2008 at 12:22 am

    Is anyone ready to help plan our 1st NLERAP/CLASE fall conference?

  2. 2 Leticia Villarreal Sosa April 22, 2010 at 1:32 am

    I am graduating with my PhD from University of Chicago, SSA.

    I just accepted a position at Dominican University in the Chicago area. I am a social worker and have worked in education for all of my career.

    My dissertation focuses on social identity and education – it was a qualitative study following students over the transition to high school.

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